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Blogs that I read and maybe inspire my writing.

Astral Codex Ten

Astral Codex Ten is a rationalist blog I read. It's the successor of Slate Star Codex.


Put A Number On It! is a blog with math and jokes about things people normally don't try to assign numbers to, like dating and life advice.

Overcoming Bias

Overcoming Bias a blog from Robin Hanson. Author of the book "The Elephant in the Brain" (that's how I found him at first).

Melting Asphalt

Melting Asphalt is written by Kevin Simler, another author of the book "The Elephant in the Brain".

Alexey Guzey is a blog of Alexey Guzey about biology and self-improvement.

Cerebra Lab

cerebralab is a blog primarily about code and software development.

Brain Lui

Brain Lui has a blog I once discovered accidentally. We exchange emails occasionally.